Stove fuel

By comparison stove fuel and diesel fuel you can see differences in such characteristics as viscosity level and fraction composition (diesel fuel is lighter). In industry the strict requirements are imposed to the stove fuel and in order to meet these requirements different depressor additives are used. It positively affects on fuel characteristics. Its ignition temperature is 40ºC, its freezing temperature is – 28ºC. It is convenient for heating, especially when using suitable stoves. Also one of advantages is lack of pungent odor, which almost all oil types of fuel have. While burning it is better to increase temperature a little, otherwise gas will condense in chimney. Storage of this fuel requires warm premises in order to avoid viscosity growth..

Usage of dark stove fuel

At present in any city of our country you can buy practically any type of fuel, including the dark stove fuel. High demand for this fuel is caused by fact that it is widely used for any premises heating, as living as industrial. By comparison with other types of fuel, dark stove fuel have a number of advantages, the most important of them is higher calorific power. The popularity of this type of fuel grows day by day, as its field of use expands. In future this fuel will take the leading position among oil products. Dark stove fuel is characterized by density, ash level, acidity, coking capacity, kinetic viscosity, ignition temperature.

After stove fuel purchasing you will not have problems with its storage, as it does not require any special conditions. There is only one requirement – to provide good ventilation into the premises, where the dark stove fuel will store. There is no accurate limits for temperature and humidity, just to be within permissible range for oil products storing.

Production and advantages of stove fuel

When winter comes the question of heating come up. It is natural that we want to come home that is warm, cosy and comfortable. People living in private houses often meet such problem. Those, who can’t afford to pipe gas and to buy diesel fuel, have to think of alternative ways of heating. In that case people can choose a stove heating, though it is not well-known yet. But recently this way of heating becomes widely used. Besides houses it is used in industrial premises. Because of its high heating capacity it can really heat large premises, not mentioned small houses.

To use stove fuel instead of expensive diesel fuel no additional special equipment is required. Stove fuel is fed to existing nozzles of diesel fuel. The group of companies “SPECTECHNIKA” also offers technology and equipment for composite fuel producing http://xn--80aacoavm5aelbfxd.xn--p1ai/en/proizvodstvo-kompozitnogo-topliva