Equipment for tyres recycling. Prices

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When buying “Plant for tyres and rubber goods recycling” and “Milling plant”, you will get “Composite fuel plant”FREE!

Our company supplies, at optimum prices, the rubber recycling plants, which are based on pyrolysis technology. Equipment is designed accordingly each customer’s needs. Modern tyres recycling pyrolysis plant includes a lot of devices, it is oriented for effective recycling of available materials (tyres, rubber scrap, plastic scrap, chicken dung, waste organic materials) into usable goods.

While taking a decision of tyres recycling plant buying, the following factors are considered:

  1. Type of materials, its availability;
  2. Required output;
  3. Local market of the final product;
  4. Technical requirements for final product quality;
  5. Environmental regulations and local conditions;
  6. Logistics;
  7. Human resources and costs;
  8. Local legal regulations.

We are not only a manufacturer of tyres recycling plants, we offer a complete business including everything required for material recycling and goods quality improvement. Buy our equipment and get profit!