Contract supervision, installation, repairs, maintenance of pyrolysis plants.

Our company is a manufacture of pyrolysis tyres recycling equipment as with rotating as with crucible (retort) reactor. Our specialists have large experience in repairing, installation and maintenance of other manufactures’ equipment. Our company collaborates with other manufactures and gets all information about equipment, its malfunction and recommendations for installation and operation.

For perfect and safety equipment running it’s necessary to perform timely maintenance accordingly requirements of manufactures of pyrolysis plants and other special devices — pumps, exhaust blowers, automation systems, etc. Maintenance must be performed by specialists, who have taken a special training. Specialists of our service centre have all required skills, many years’ experience, material and technical resources for prompt failure troubleshooting. Our technicians are able to solve complicated and nonstandard problems of repair and maintenance of modern equipment for pyrolysis recycling.

In order not to think of possible failures and expensive repair we offer you a service contract that includes equipment maintenance and technicians’ visits for repairs. We provide warranty for performed repairs.


Self-maintained repair or wrong maintenance of pyrolisys plant or other dangerous equipment may cause not only material loss, but also health injury.