Large-size tyre recycling

Утилизация крупногабаритных шин

Recycling of wearing-out tyres will be a profitable business for you. The Company “SPECTECHNIKA” offers a self-designed equipment for large-size tyres recycling.

You will get a possibility of turn free materials into fuel oil, scrap metal and technical carbon — products that are in demand. Considering that every year millions ton of tyres accumulate on stocks and just outdoor, such business presents in a favourable light.

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Equipment for large-size tyres recycling

At present in Russia there are two main ways of tyres “recycling”: to burn it taking a risk of getting a large fine from the ecological inspectorate or to leave it for a better time.

We offer you the third way – to get an impressive profit by starting a modern high profitable business. Buying the equipment for large-size tyre recycle you will receive the following benefits:

  1. 1. Practically unlimited quantity of free raw materials. If for the dump owner a ton of tyres is a headache, for you it will be fuel oil, metal scarp for recycling and free energy for company needs.
  2. 2. Rather small dimensions and convenient layout, that allow to startup production near the areas of materials accumulation and not to waste money to deliver materials to industry developed regions.
  3. 3. Recycling of large-size tyres is stimulated by the government and has a good influence on environment.

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Утилизация крупногабаритных шин
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